Monday, August 26, 2013

Cover Trip

This past January was amazing for swell here in Tofino. There was this one week that had 4 consecutive days of good swell and wind for one of our favorite spots. Our buddy Jeremy Bowery rents a plot of land right on the wave and was down to host us in his cabin for the whole week. Kyler Vos was there to document.

The slab at the top of the point. My first Cover!

Chillin at Jer's watching slabs.

The left at the bottom of the point. A favorite for Shannon and me. Here's Shaz doing what he does.. Shredding!

Orcas cruising the lineup.. no biggy.

The slab

Janek standing tall in a chunky one.

Kye borg burning.

Kye borg boosting off the rock section at the point.

Party time in Jer's cabin. From left to right is Me, Adam Chilton, Jer Himself, Em Thicke, and Shazza.

Janek with a hack slide.

Me getting to 11 o clock

Me going left on the right point.

Me pulling into a main peak nugget.

And thats a trip folks.. This one will forever be in our memories!! Thanks Jer!!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Boat Trip

Last summer Janek and I went up the coast with Raph Bruhwiler to surf this slab. The waves weren't very big, but after grovelling around the beachbreaks for weeks straight it was nice to get tubed.
Thanks Raph

Isaac from Aftanas Surf on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


G-Bar is a sick left. It exists under the shadow of a right "point" just across the river. Goofies love it, regulars hate it. Ryan Kenny filmed a couple sessions that Shannon and I had there in the fall of 2011. The footage is old, but the edit is new.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lakey Peak Brah

Just got back from an epic trip to Indo with Stefan Aftanas Hanna Scott and Shannon Campbell Brown 
Ryan Kenny came with to document. Here is a quick teaser he made to pump up the full edit. Check it out! It's gon be sickk!!

There will be a lot more content from this trip coming. Including photos and more video. Yeww.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chillin at Jazzy's

Fresh off the plane from Indo, I spent a week in Renny chillin at Jaspers place. We were surfing every day and scoring some waves. The day before this Jazz acquired an injury that kept him out of the water, so he filmed this session. yeww!


Gutemberg da Cunha

Guto is an old friend. He coached team Canada at the world juniors for a few years so we all got to know him at a young age. He's a brazilian that resides all over the world and CHARGES!!! I always look forward to hanging out with the guy.

Here he is on the north shore charging.

Jazzy Rips!

Jasper friendly bear shreds the guitar, the paintbrush, the skateboard, and the surfboard.
Check out his clothing line Free Bird, and his band the Barefoot Thieves.